About the CEMI

CEMI is a non-profit NGO, created under the tunisian law.

CEMI is a membre of the Euro-Mediterranean Network EuroMeSco

Goals of The CEMI :
The promotion of studies related to the Mediterranean and international questions, notably by :
- The organization of conferences, seminars, round tables and workshops.
- The participation in Tunisia and abroad in researche activities related to the Mediterranean and international questions.
- The organization of training sessions.

To serve these goals, the CEMI have as domain of interest:
- The euro-Mediterranean partnership: Association Agreements, Neighborhood policy, Union for the Mediterranean, Free Trade Area.
- 5+5 Dialogue.
- NATO Mediterranean Dialogue.
- Democratic transition in the Mediterranean area.
- Justice and fight against terrorism.
- Soft security and human security
- Immigration problems.
- Water problems.
- Sustainable development.
- Conflicts on energy.

Phone +216 71 287 678
Fax : + 216 71 287 654
e-mail : cemi.org@planet.tn  /  direction@cemi-tunis.org

Responsable :
Dr. Ahmed Driss
President – Director of CEMI, Mr. Driss is Professor of Law and Political Science in the Tunisian University, he is membre of several NGO's in Tunisia and abroad